• in this series "coast to coast" i think about the coastal regions i hold dear to my heart. they all share the same properties : water, sand, sun : but i love how different they feel from each other. i hope they give you a sense of nostalgia for places by the water.


    this collection wouldn't be complete without a shout out to miami. a weekend escape to get some vitamin D during the winter months. always good food, always good mojitos, always a good time. the sand is hot. the sun is hot. the art is hot. and the water is...warmish. but the best thing about miami is the abundant plant life that fills the city with beautiful palms and lush greenery...truly a tropical paradise city.

    mojitos in miami | 11x14


    watercolor | acrylic | 24k gold leaf on Shizen 100% cotton rag paper. backed on acid free card stock, ready to frame. final size 11X14. please hang in a place without direct sunlight. watercolors will fade if exposed to too much UV light. its best to frame with a UV protected glazing (glass or acrylic).

    *ask the framer to use a spacer for a 3 dimensional "floating" look.