• this is actually a funny story, or maybe not. when i was 15 my grandparents took me to Hawa'ii. we were staying at this hotel where there was to be a wedding, or there already was a wedding. either way there was this gorgeous wedding arch that was decorated with the most beautiful orchids and lilies. being young and selfish....i took the flowers one by one and collected them back to my room. i made flower lei's for my head, my neck, my ankles and my wrists. i wore them the entire trip and they smelled amazing. when painting this piece i thought of that poor couple who may have had a wedding with a barren arch and all the money they paid for it. officially apologizing now 30 yrs later.

    memory of hawaii | 16 x 20


    original plantscape painting using acrylic paint on wood panel. this painting is varnished for UV protection with mounting hardware attached and ready to hang. the sides are clean exposed wood, so no need for extra framing.  signed on the front and back and dated. final size 16 x 20.