• the valiant coconut palm, an oldie but goodie. for me, this palm frond creates feelings of nostalgia from my childhood. growing up in southern california, i took these trees for granted. but now living in the northeast, i long to hear them rustle in the wind and watch them gently sway like easy summer days. and when their coconut fruits, like little gifts from heaven, fall to the ground....its easy to see why these 4500 year old trees are so popular.


    the living color collection a colorful graphic interpretation of the magical world of plants. they follow the light for survival and in turn reach their fullest potential of life in full spectrum.

    easy summer days | 18 x 24


    original botanical painting using acrylic paint on gallery wrapped canvas. this painting is varnished for UV protection with mounting hardware attached and ready to hang. the painting wraps around the sides for extra dimension so framing is not necessary. signed on the front and back and dated.

    final size 18 x 24 x 1.5.