help me...rhonda

i truly believe everyone wants to help in some way. 

thats why i had this idea of giving back through purchasing art.

its not always easy for people to donate their hard earned money to a cause and not know for sure how or if it helped. if people can purchase something beautiful for their home or as a gift knowing that their purchase will be going directly to help feeding children, or cleaning up the ocean or helping animal rescue efforts directly....everybody wins. when we make donations like this in our local communities we can see the difference one purchase makes. in my first give back art series i worked with a local organization that turned their studio into a meal delivery program for families struggling during the covid crises. when people bought a painting we were able to put a value on the number of meals they helped deliver to families in need. now when they look at their art they will always remember that they helped those less fortunate. they helped others in real accountable ways. they made a difference.

below are some of the ways i choose to help. join me if you have ideas and want to collaborate. id love to connect.


give back series

a "give back" series is a specific series of art works that i create for causes that align with my core values as a human. 100% of the money raised in the sale of these items go directly to support a specific cause, charity or local organization.




i will work with other artists/creatives to design a "give back gift box" that aligns with a specific organization. all items created to raise money for a certain cause will be on brand. for example, if we are looking to raise money for local ocean clean up organization, the gift box might include reusable straws, reusable water bottles, a painted ocean-scape, handmade ocean inspired jewelry or other art that is branded around the ocean. all the money made from these gift boxes will go directly to that organization. this will be a great opportunity for other small creative  brands to connect with causes.


artist partnerships

my goal is to develop relationships with well known artists/creatives who are willing to donate/create their high end works of art towards an organization that is helping those in need in a crises. this will focus on getting many artists to contribute works in a possible online auction-type setting to raise funds immediately to those in need.